What do I say?

A good place to start is where you were born, but we have a list of questions that we can discuss when we meet up for the first time. Remember, the final video only runs for an hour — we're very confident you won't run out of things to say!

One thing you might want to consider is a section where you give a blessing.

What's a 'blessing'?
A blessing is that part of your video where you get to 'say your piece' to loved ones. Here's some sentence starters to give you an idea:

  • "{Their name} the potential I see in you is..."
  • "{Their name} what I love most about you is..."
  • "{Their name} your best quality is..."
  • "{Their name} the time I had the most fun with you was..."

Blessings are powerful ways of letting the people you care about know it, the most powerful of all blessings being "{Their name}, I love you."

Call us now to discuss what sort of blessing you might leave.

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