Should your story be part of History Festival Month?

My Video History and the SA History Festival

My Video History makes it easy to create a compelling legacy for your loved ones

Thousands of South Australians will be taking part in the History Festival running from late April to the end of May and it begs the question, why shouldn’t your story be part of it?

Too many of us are too humble or shy about our life stories, and yet entwined in our experiences, hardships, and triumphs there are insights into life that others would benefit from hearing.

This was brought home to me when Sarah, a young woman I met, told me how her father had researched his father’s story into a video and expected nobody to be interested.

Instead, all generations who gathered for the viewing were enthralled.

My Video History is the service that lets you unlock some of the depth of life experience that younger generations will one day hunger for, even if they don’t appreciate it yet.

What does My Video History have in common with the History Festival?

As you’ll see in the History Festival events program, many of the illustrious stories from our past are not just stories about celebrities or government officials.

Many of them become relevant to us today, simply because someone has captured how an individual’s life intersected with an event in society.

From the mundane to the momentous, history really is in the eye of the beholder.

And when you create your story through My Video History, you are capturing something relevant and important for your family for years to come.

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