For genealogists and family historians

If you were to ask 100 people if they have any interest in learning more about their ancestors, the vast majority of people would say ‘yes’. After all, everyone has ancestors. -- GenealogyInTime


So it is with members of your family. There were parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles before your own and it would be fascinating to have some sort of connection with them, some reminder of who they were and what they stood for other than a line in an online database or a faded photograph.

So, too, will future generations of your family be looking and grateful for the legacy that today's generations lay down for them. Not just news and events around the time of their birth and death, but actual connections with those who have gone before them -- video interviews where they talk about not just what helped shape them, but what values they hold dear to their hearts and what they wish for the future.

Whether it's an audio file or a complete package of audio, video and book, future generations will be ever thankful for the plans and efforts you make today.

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