Record a video for your family’s sake

Record a video biography for your family's sake

Ray, Jenny and Tracy consider why creating a video biography is so important. While you’re on our site, why not read our FAQs.   —— This video presentation contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License. Click here to see the full list of images and attributions:

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Two main styles of video biography

Our customers seem to choose between two styles of video - the autobiography and the memoir. This video informs you what each style is.

Our customers seem to naturally choose between two main styles of video: the autobiography and the memoir. This video outlines the primary differences between the two. Don’t forget to grab a free copy of our ebook, ‘How a video biography can create compelling memories for the ones you love‘. This video contains images that were used…

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On video biography quality

My Video History - video quality is an important consideration

Video biography quality—video technical standards have changed dramatically in the last ten years. This video argues the case for 4K being the standard that you should insist on when asking someone to record your video biography or memoir. It’s why we invested in expensive state-of-the-art recording equipment, to make sure you get the best recording…

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How you can leave compelling messages of love

In this video we talk about how to leave compelling messages of love, the importance of using archival-quality 4K video, show an example of a video from just ten years ago that suffers quality problems when compared with today’s technical standards, and we discuss the two types of videos our customers seem to enjoy making:…

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How we can help you at My Video History

How we at My Video History can help you

The My Video History team is comprised of professional personal historians. We capture your personal history so that future generations can benefit from your life story. People can hire us to help them: leave a legacy for their grandchildren; help them celebrate a 60th, 70th or 80th birthday; help a veteran tell his or her…

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Fading voices – missing our parents’ voices

Lee's father and mother

Fading voices from My Video History on Vimeo. For most of us in our 50s, there comes a growing realisation that our parents won’t be around forever, that they will eventually leave us and their voices will be gone. This was certainly the case for me. My father died suddenly in his sleep nearly 20…

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Do it yourself memoir

Many people start with good intentions to D-I-Y their own memoir. But life can get in the way of great D-I-Y plans, and sabotage even the keenest writers. That’s why the My Video History service is so great: it allows you to record your own memoir, in your own voice, with all of your jokes…

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Couple reading a tablet together

We all know that our time here on earth is finite, and perhaps you are very conscious that one day you might not wake up in the morning. Doesn’t it make sense to act now and record your memoir, before your energy is gone and time runs out? Call us now on (08) 8120 0300…

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