How we can help you at My Video History

How we at My Video History can help you

How we at My Video History can help you

The My Video History team is comprised of professional personal historians. We capture your personal history so that future generations can benefit from your life story.

People can hire us to help them:

  • leave a legacy for their grandchildren;
  • help them celebrate a 60th, 70th or 80th birthday;
  • help a veteran tell his or her war stories;
  • help celebrate a Bar- or Bat-mitzvah;
  • help tell a personal story connected to a national event such as a bushfire, flood or tragedy;
  • pay tribute to a retiring CEO;
  • celebrate a Golden or Silver wedding anniversary; and
  • help remember a loved one on the death of a matriarch or patriarch.

We can either capture your story as a video interview or an audio-only interview.

Call us now on (08) 8120 0300 to discuss your plans.


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