Create your legacy
for future generations

Welcome to, the place in South Australia where you can order a video interview of you as you ‘talk’ to your children and grandchildren about your childhood and adolescence, your achievements, the values that underpin your life, and the life lessons you want to pass on.

What would you like future generations to know about you?

What values have helped you in your journey?

What legacy, other than financial, would you like to leave?

It is here, with a video interview, that you can ‘connect’ with future generations and continue to remain relevant, even after you have passed away.

My Video History aims to provide a way for current generations to ‘talk’ to future generations, to leave a legacy that future family historians and their families will treasure. Current generations are interviewed by me or a member of my team and talk about their childhood, their adult life, the values that underpin and drive them, and what they hope for future generations.

The interview is given back in the form of a USB stick for playing on a TV, and also an MP3 and as a digital video file they can share.

Purchasers of the ‘Elite’ package also receive a beautiful book, containing many of their treasured photos.

We all know that our time here on earth is finite, and perhaps you are very conscious that one day you might not wake up in the morning. Doesn't it make sense to act now and record your memoir, before your energy is gone and time runs out?

This is a memoir, a living gift, you can create in a couple of hours, not the many long months that writing a book would take.

Why make your history into video?

Why a video biography?

Books are good, but nothing beats the staying power of a compelling video.

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Who will be interested in what I have to say?

Your biography will be an important piece of history to future generations.

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For Genealogists and Family Historians

Whether it's an audio file or a complete package of audio, video and book, future generations will be ever thankful for the plans and efforts you make today.

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Pick the package that's right for you

Whether you are camera-shy or wanting the complete package with a hardback book, you'll find what you want here.

Got questions? Give us a call on (08) 8120 0300

Why a video biography ebook cover

Download and read why a video biography is the perfect tool for creating your own memoirs, or leaving a beautiful gift for future generations.


How does it work?

What do I say?

Whether you are camera-shy or wanting the complete package with a hardback book, you'll find what you want here.

What should I wear?

Some colours don't work well with video, and some patterned material goes all wibbly-wobbly. We will guide you with your wardrobe choice.

What do I have to do?

There's a couple of things you need to do before we meet for the first time.

Storage and sharing

How we deliver your interview to you, and how you can share it with friends and family around the world.

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